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Senger Naturwelt

SENGER Cuddly Animal - Goose Small w removable Heat/Cool Pack

SENGER Cuddly Animal - Goose Small w removable Heat/Cool Pack

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The SENGER Cuddly Small Goose is a soft and cuddly toy that doubles as a weighted toy and a gentle heat bag for children. 

The SENGER Small Goose has a removable pillow, filled with grape seeds that can be placed in the oven or microwave to heat, or in the fridge to cool. Once it has reached the desired temperature, simply place back inside the zippered pouch. Perfect for those cold nights in winter or when someone is sick with a belly ache.

The weight of the Grape Seeds filling acts to provide a calming effect and give your little one sensory feedback.  Warmth and weight, the perfect combo.

The SENGER Cuddly Small Goose features an organic cotton outer layer, pure lambswool filling, 2 sewn on eyes and a nose and designed especially for little hands to grasp. A beautiful addition to any collection

Made in: Germany

Outer: Organic Cotton Plush, free from pollutants and meeting strict quality and safety controls.

Filling: Pure Sheep's Wool  (except the removable cushion - see below)

Removable Cushion: Cotton outer, filled with either Cherry Stones or Grape Seeds for warming

Size: L 37cm W 11cm H 47cm

Awards: Design "Form" - 2003, Play well - 2022

Weight: 320g

WARNING: Fire Danger, risk of fire if overheated.

WARNING: Do not overheat, risk of burns to the skin or the risk of overheating in newborns

To Heat: Please remove the Cherry/Grape Seed stone pillow through the cuddly toy's belly and heat it either in the microwave for approx. ½-1 minute at a maximum of 600W or in the oven at 75 degrees for around 3-5 minutes.  When heated, the Cherry/Grape Seed stone pillow should be warm to the touch, the same as body temperature - a living, soothing warmth, never hot to the touch. Refer to warnings above, and only ever heat the removable pillow, not the entire toy.

To Cool: Place in the fridge to cool, and can then be used to soothe when a cooling effect is needed.

Usage: A soft and cuddly toy that doubles as a gentle heat bag for children, and can be used as a weighted blanket.

Quality & Safety: Made from organic plush cotton, and filled with pure Lambs Wool and Grape seeds, free from pollutants and meeting strict quality and safety controls.

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